Posted by: PunkiePixie | April 29, 2008

Eddie Izzard is “Stripping” his way across the US

Eddie Izzard has got to be my favorite stand-up comedian. I can watch his old material and laugh every time. His catch phrases are very quotable and I’m constantly using them. Nonsense things like “I’m covered in bees!!!!” and “Cake or Death?” and “Bless me father for I have sinned; I have been poking badgers with spoons” … I could go on, and on, and on, and on… but those are the only ones I can think of at the moment that anyone would recognize.

For those who are uninitiated to the utter gloriousness of Eddie Izzard, let me quickly explain who he is. Eddie is a brilliant, two-time Emmy award winning, British, action/executive transvestite, stand-up comic and actor. He’s hyper (omg he’s ADHD hyper!), and babbles on about anything and everything and isn’t afraid to touch upon controversial topics. if you want to know more, go to his website

the show was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG he was hyper and was ad-libbing like crazy! i am going to say this before i begin


this post is a spoiler for anyone who has tix to see any of his upcoming US tour dates… you have been warned! it also includes some clandestine photos and videos… they were taken to share with other fans and not for any monetary purposes. i do not make ANY money from this blog. if Eddie’s people want me to take them down, i’ll comply ASAP. please do not take these pics or videos off this site w/o my explicit permission.

thank you for listening! on to my review!

first off: he was in “bloke mode” for this show. in last night’s performance he wore a pair of jeans, a black crew neck shirt, and a black, red satin lined tuxedo lined jacket with tails. oh and a bit of eyeliner and he was sporting his “Wayne Malloy/Doug Rich” facial hair (goatee with sideburns). it was disappointing to see him in “bloke mode” but he looked DAMN sexy dressed as a bloke!

here’s why he didn’t do the dress: according to the souvenir program (i’m paraphrasing here) in the US he came here and became famous while wearing a dress. in the UK he started his career in “bloke mode.” over on the other side of the pond, he is known for gender bending only on occasion; here in the US, we’ve become so accustomed to seeing him in a dress that we’ve typecast him as the “transvestite stand-up comedian” and he wants to shed this label. I don’t blame him… being shoved in a box and told to stay there sucks. he wants to go into dramatic acting while still pursuing comedy, it’s for this reason that he needs to trade in the dresses for jeans and t-shirts and heels for sneakers; he needs to let Hollywood know that his transvestite-ism (is that a term?) is just only a part of who is his. So far, it’s working out well from what he has to say in the souvenir program. He’s had fans of his new show The Riches tell him that they were happily surprised to find out that he also does stand-up comedy. He states that he likes that reaction and it’s what he wants. He still appreciates his comedy fans and how they, like myself, are willing to follow his career as it transitions from stand-up comedy to drama. (I’ll say here right now that I am a fan of “The Riches.” I am disappointed with the direction of the second season and it takes a lot of strength for me to watch each episode b/c there’s less comedy in the show than last season, but it’s still beautifully written and Eddie’s acting is superb. it’s just hard to make the transition from knowing him in comedy to seeing him being dramatic… and using a pretty decent American accent).

seeing him in person was beyond amazing! i wanted to bow to him… i am that much of a fan. it’s been years since i’ve seen stand-up and i’ve never been that close to the stage (my last stand-up show was Jim Brurer with Tracy Morgan and Jim Gaffigan… it was funny, but i’m not a fan of any of them blah). i’ve only ever seen Eddie on TV in his stand-up specials that occasionally run on BBC America and on the aforementioned FX drama “The Riches.” To see him in person just blew my mind. i was so filled with anticipation to see him (the show started 20 minutes late) that when he finally took the stage and i saw him i squeed and swooned… it was overwhelming! i’ve met celebrities in my time (LeVar Burton, Eric Idle, and Gary Sinese to name a few) but this was just beyond that. i never got to shake Eddie’s hand like i did with LeVar, Eric, and Gary… but to see this man on stage, a man i quote, i adore, i practically worship was just too much! i’d probably have the same reaction if i ever saw Lewis Black live in concert. i digress…

okay… now that that’s cleared up… what was the show like? what was it about? okay, this is taken from a post i, well, posted on an Eddie Izzard fan group over on

the whole show is about why he no longer believes in God/Gods and he proves his point by going over the history of Earth and human civilization and the bit about the dinosaurs was great! i loved when he tried to speak in Latin… it turned into pig latin, then German then back to Latin… omg it was nuts!!!!

my parents who are devout Catholics got pissed off and called him a heathen once we got back home from Boston, but they did admit it was worth the $200+ we spent on the tix and that he was gloriously funny.

i can’t go into more detail than that b/c it’s all such a blur! that and the damn people sitting in front of me kept getting up for beer and pee runs… UNGH!!!!! i did complain loudly at one point, i think they heard and at that point they stopped. they also were taking loads of pictures. *shakes head* whatever, you can’t fix the world and as Eddie said last night, you can only “be civil to people even if you hate them…” or something like that.

OH! and the Orpheum Theater? i’ve never been there, just walked by it 5 bazillion times in my life and while i was in college… it’s a beautiful old theater that is in dire need of a renovation! how the hell they get off charging what they do for tix is beyond me! omg it stank of beer and vomit from the years and years of rock shows that are played there.

and my seats? they turned out to be decent. i was actually off center! stupid ƒµ¢k¡ng seating chart made me believe they were stage left center… grrrr more like stage left near the wings!

oh well! the show was great and totally worth the 2 hour drive to Boston and the tickets!

and now for the clandestine stuff. (again… Eddie’s people, if you want me to remove it, i have no problem doing that, just let me know… please don’t get wordpress involved, just leave a comment and i’ll be happy to oblige)

Eddie Izzard at the Orpheum Theater in Boston

got the videos online well one of them. the other one’s on my cell phone and the memory card isn’t cooperating.

it’s on facebook and you don’t need an account (or shouldn’t need an account) to view it

this bit is his ramblings about Darwin.


and i’m off to eat dinner!

oh and on my knitting needles at the moment…

yet another striped sock. this one i’ve knit completely from memory using the Yarn Harlot’s basic sock recipe from her book Knitting Rules!.

i got my new yarn in the mail and i’ll be starting Rusted Root as soon as i finish that sock.


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