Posted by: PunkiePixie | April 10, 2008

A Touch of Spring…

Today was beautiful! A touch of mid-May in mid-April. I spent most of today outside either knitting or driving my car w/ the top down (that counts as outside!).

I started my day in jeans and a kelly green 3/4 length sleeved raglan over a pink tank top. I sat outside with my mom on the back porch knitting away the hours enjoying the sunshine that we’ve so rarely seen and the balmy temperature that has delayed it’s presence.

As I sat in the sun, I got decidedly hot in my t-shirt but sucked it up as the breezes off the nearby pond would help cool me off just as I would start to overheat. Then, when my dad came home from work for the day around 3pm, the decision was made to drive the hour down to Mystic just to enjoy my convertible and the weather. Tomato Sweater

I got up and dusted off and then turned to my mom and said “Hey! I can finally wear my Tomato!” She looked at me funny and said “Okay honey, whatever you want” and went off to go close the open windows and straighten things up before we left. I reminded her that “Tomato” meant the short-sleeved pullover sweater I had completed a month earlier and was basically my first successful pullover sweater project. All my other pullovers had come out either much too large or much too small… sometimes tears were involved as the gauge error was caught just after finishing and the frogging would be left to my mother as i could not bear to do it myself. Tomato SweaterShe remembered the sweater and said “Oh! That one! Oh that one looks great on you and would probably look even better now that you’ve lost some weight. Yes, wear that!” So off I ran to pull out that sweater from the drawer it was residing in and pull it on. It still fit, a bit bigger due to a 10 pound weight loss and some shaping up from my newly adapted workout schedule (I spent 9 hours a week at the gym, plus 2 hours in yoga class) and looked a lot better now that most of my belly pudge is gone.

After the photo shoot, and wow, I can tell I’ve learned quite a bit from watching a bit too many America’s Next Top Model reruns… I was posing like one of the worst contestants! LOL. I digress… After the photo shoot in the backyard, we hopped into the car and I put the top down and we rolled off to Mystic for dinner at the world famous Mystic Pizza (yes, it exists) followed by a stroll down Main Street and some Guinness stout ice cream at Mystic Drawbridge Ice Cream. Classic Elite Bam Boo mmmmm Guinness ice cream *drool* omg it’s been a YEAR a YEAR since I’ve had a pint of Guinness… I can’t drink anymore because of all the meds I’m on for varying medical conditions and I’ve tried drinking… omg it’s a no go, I get the worst headache and hangover ever and I never ever get hangovers! This ice cream was good, it was made w/ real Guinness (I felt a tad bit buzzed) and it was nice and bitter like Guinness but with that smooth texture and finish that I love about Guinness.

Also while in Mystic, I decided to stop by Mystic River Yarns as I needed a few things and my nearest LYS Sit n Knit moved from West Hartford to Bloomfield making it even more annoying to get to (and a better excuse to drive to WEBS b/c WEBS is only an extra 20 minute drive from Bloomfield). While there I picked up the cable needles I needed (by Bryspun b/c I love flexible plastic needles) and of course… some yarn. I’m hoping to make another Quant but in a nice summery fiber. I made Quant using Rowan’s Tapestry and the soy/wool blend is great for warmer winter days but would itch too much on any day over 50ºF. I adore this headband and now that my hair is really long, I adore headbands of any sort but it’s so hard to find any patterns I like.

I had originally wanted to make my Quant out of a cotton/elastic yarn like Cascade Fixation but after looking at Mystic River Yarn’s selection of plant fiber yarns, I decided to open up my choices. I found the organic cotton and the bamboo yarns. Oh, I fell in love with both. I couldn’t decide what to buy, so I did what any other knitter in my same predicament would have done… I bought both in quantities large enough for the pattern (2 skeins of each… 6 skeins total). I’ve always wanted to work with bamboo yarn and with organic cotton so what a better excuse to buy yarn, like I need an excuse to buy yarn… but this makes it less guilt-ridden.

I arrived at the LYS just before closing and was the only one there. I left just after, but like any other LYS I’ve been to, the customers are told to take their time before paying. I felt bad for being there after hours and picked my favorite yarns and went to pay. The woman was so gracious and lovely she did have a bit of an attitude when I admitted to never using Berrocco and insisted on her helping me figure out the yarn selection. She was also a bit grating. I told her that cotton/elastic was my ideal but I was open to other things. When I asked about DK weight she said “not in cotton/elastic!” I had to remind her about my flexibility… At Sit n Knit they’re very similar… are knitters that inflexible when it comes to their fiber selections? I know I can be when I have something in mind for a sweater and I’ve taken ages of time researching Ravelry for the perfect substitute, but for something as small as Quant, I’m flexible. But despite all that, it’s always a joy shopping at Mystic River yarns.

After the yarn purchase, I made my way up to Mystic Pizza for dinner. It’s not my favorite place for pizza, but it’s pretty damn good for Greek-style pizza and worth the 45 minute drive. Lately, I haven’t been eating all that much so dinner of 3 slices of pizza and quite a bit of Greek salad filled me up to near bursting, but I found just enough room for ice cream. The walk to the ice cream shop helped out a bit as well, and the walk back made me just right to make the drive home. It’s so nice to get out of my element for a few hours… even if it’s done late in the day. Mystic is so far outside my normal range, yet so close by, that a trip there really helps me to unwind and step back from everything. Off-season Mystic isn’t crowded, the people roaming the streets are locals and CT natives there for a peaceful day on the shoreline. The stores are mostly local, the charm is quite authentic New England coastal and the smell of the salt water and sea weed that comes in off the Mystic River and Long Island Sound is refreshing. Living in a land locked town near a pond, my daily smells are that of fresh cut grass, algae, and rotting vegetation; the smells of a seaside town just revitalize as they’re not my usual. Today was peaceful and calm, sunny and warm, and unexpected. Tomorrow is set to be rainy, cooler, and just downright nasty. Days like today aren’t common in April as it rains and is cool, so I enjoy the good weather when I get to because this is New England, good weather is fleeting.


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