Posted by: PunkiePixie | March 30, 2008

I have become a victim

Wow, it’s been a full 2 months since my last post. I’ve been a busy busy girl.

Here’s a quick update. I’ve been knitting (duh). I finished my first successful pullover sweater that includes my first successful attempt at stranded colorwork… it’s nearly April and the damn weather has to go and make it damn near impossible for me to wear it. wah!!! it’s so pretty too! i’ll get pictures up on my Ravelry page soon. i finished 2 pairs of socks (pictures are on Ravelry), a hat, worked on a UFO for a bit (Branching Out scarf), and hmmm a few other things i can’t remember at the moment b/c it’s nearly 3am.

I joined a gym and have literally been busting my butt. I think in the past month i’ve dropped 10 lbs, I can’t be sure b/c i have a hard time reading the scale b/c somehow i stupidly bought one with numbers so small i can’t read it even w/ my contacts in! I gave up belly dance b/c it was either the gym membership or the dance classes… i couldn’t afford both and i kinda like going to the gym better. that and my teacher was pressing me to perform… ummm no thanks.

i’m having issues with my bras… ungh. i can’t find one that fits! they’re all too tight! ungh! i just… UNGH!

and the true reason why i haven’t been posting… my job. i went to bed early, i woke up early, and if i had free time where i could blog.. well i was using a computer than ran windows 98 (yup.. 98!) so it was hard to do much online and Ravelry is so much more fun (i’m addicted to the forums on there!) and i talk to a few friends who are also bored a their jobs. i had more responsibilities and things to do, so i couldn’t write out a whole blog entry either… just had time for short blurps on boards and IM.

but now it looks like i’ll have more time to blog. (here’s where the victim part of the title comes in).

I’ve now become a victim of the craptacular US economy that’s supposedly not in a recession but i’m convinced it is.

the company i work for isn’t doing too well, so it was decided that my job can be rolled into the duties of the bookkeeper. it’s only fair, half the stuff she does is reliant on what i do. so i agreed with it because even i feel that my role is unnecessary.

so how do i feel?

i feel relieved seriously! i do not lie. i felt stuck, i felt like i was in a dead end job. i wanted out but i worked with my dad and if i quit w/o having another job lined up, i would have never heard the end of it as i also live with my mom and dad. this gives me a chance to find a job doing something that fits me better, it even gives me the chance to try out another job market, maybe even move to Florida finally. i’m thinking of going to travel agent school b/c the travel industry is what i’d like to be a part of, it’s why i got my degree in hospitality administration. my mom found a classified ad for a local travel agency that’s willing to pay to train me and get my licensing so i can become a travel agent. it has decent benefits. i’m going to update then submit my resume on Monday.

speaking of travel… this also gives me the chance to travel to visit friends. my friend in DC has been after me to visit here there since she moved there for college 8 years ago. another friend, whom i met 5 years ago, would be thrilled if i went out to MN to meet her IRL for the first time. i’m thinking about visiting both. maybe going to CA to visit family in San Francisco and tour the city a bit. i would to to Rome to visit my family there, but um… i don’t like them that much and w/ the exchange rate, i’d lose so much money that it’s not worth it. i’m tempted to go to London too… but the damn exchange rate! i couldn’t afford a trip to London just based on that! so i’m stuck with domestic travel and i’ve been itching to travel alone to visit old friends and meet others for the first time face to face.

so yeah… that’s it. that’s what’s been keeping me from blogging, that’s my life up until now.

now i’m falling asleep at the keys… so off to bed with me.

nite all and till my next post… whenever that will be.


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