Posted by: PunkiePixie | January 7, 2008

Back from Florida… again!

I just got back from Florida yet again. This time, my family decided to go back to Disney World for the New Years celebrations and to check out all the holiday decorations and to get some downtime beachside.

Back when I was a cast member via the Walt Disney World College Program, my parents came to visit me for Christmas and New Years so I wouldn’t have to celebrate those holidays alone. While there, they fell in love with how Disney does the holidays: the lights, the sounds, the traditions, the fireworks, the everything! So, ever since then, my dad’s been wanting to go back and he managed to wrangle some time off work for me and him (ahhh the joys of working for family!) and we booked the trip.

Yes, I went with the parents… but how can I turn down a free, all-expenses paid vacation? Especially when I’m the one that got them an awesome discount on their Disney Vacation Club membership! So yeah… would you blame me? Besides, if I didn’t take vacations with them, I would never travel because I can’t really afford it.

Anywho… here’s the pictures as posted in an album over on Picasa.

The Last Days of '07 on the beach & The First Days of '08 Disney style

Till next time!



  1. What an awesome way to spend the holidays!! It looks and sounds like you had a wonderful time.

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