Posted by: PunkiePixie | December 17, 2007

It Came from the Interweb: Engrish

I don’t know what came over me today while bored at work, but I remembered the best pre-blog popularity blog

I first discovered it back in late 2001 as a sophomore in college courtesy of a friend who thought I’d like it. May the gods bless her for that decision.

So today, I wandered back over to the site to see what funny could be found b/c lords know with the whole holiday misery, I could use a good laugh. While there i happened upon the newly founded Chingrish section. While browsing that, I found the badly translated English from Chinese was funnier than reading the English as badly translated from Japanese… and I found these gems (linking to the site b/c strictly prohibits image swiping)

Read these and try NOT to laugh!

A new kind of hair salon (read the page title, and the commentary for the full effect of funny)

The Toilet Rules

Women Kingdom

and as some of you know, i despise $tarbuck$ so…. this makes me laugh appropriately Starbutts

oh and there’s loads more. Too bad the Chinese government has made the decision to “clean-up” their English before the 2008 Olympic games. It means there will be a lot less, or none at all, of these gems!

I hoped you enjoyed this edition of “It Came from the Interweb”


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