Posted by: PunkiePixie | November 29, 2007

New feature: It Came from the Interweb!

I’d like to debut a new feature… not sure if it’ll be weekly or not. Hell, it might be daily; it could be monthly.


I get bored at work often, but never enough to write new blog entries, I tend to go to You Tube and look for strange things or my friends do it for me. What I find, I email to my friends or share with them via IM. That’s getting annoying for me.

So, instead I decided to start up a new blog category called It Came from the Interweb!

Basically, this section/feature/whatever will be me posting the strange stuff I find while bored at work. A lot are videos, some are strange blogs, others are strange pictures. It really depends.

So to begin, I will introduce you to LOLpresident. It’s like LOLcatz… but with American presidents and with a lot of references to American history with no explanation. This site expects its readers to have at least completed 5th grade American history class and maybe passed it.

Next up… Planet Unicorn. Yeah… this is very weird. One of the unicorns is named Tom Cruise, how can you not love that. It seems to be a parody of <a href=””My Little Pony and I was all about My Little Pony when I was a kid. I had the toys, watched the show and the movies… so this cracks me up

here’s episode one.

*sings* a gay boy wished for a planet full of unicorns, planet unicorn, unicorn planet!.

that’s enough of that

there’s also episode two, three, four, and five

My friend lexi is also responsible for some of the silliness I’ve been watching today. Here’s what she sent me


those videos are from a liam show

i found this about a year ago

The Harry Potter Rap

More to come! check back soon!


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