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Star Trek Tech

I’m a Star Trek nerd… No lie. I’m proud of it too. Kirk, Picard, Sisco, Janeway, and Archer… yup! I know all the captains. Spock’s cool too. Had a crush on Data as well… oh and on Tom Paris and Doctor Julian Bashir… and who didn’t crush on Kirk at some point in their life? I know guys who have man-crushes on Kirk! (but come to think about it, it could be that they’re in awe of Kirk… he did have a way with the ladies ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

I digress.

I grew up watching Star Trek: The Next Generation with my older brother and came into my own with Deep Space Nine and Voyager. Wasn’t a fan of Enterprise though… it wasn’t nerdy enough as it didn’t have as much cool technology for me to wonder about. Oh yeah… I’m a tech nerd.

So growing up on TNG and DS9, I always thought those reading tablets were kinda cool. You know, you could read whatever you wanted anywhere on a flat device that only weighed a few ounces and there were no pages to turn. Much easier to transport, harder to lose your place if you needed to get up and take a pee break. That and the transporter were always cool for me… So basically when I was looking on tonight for some DVDs and I saw some strange device being advertised and it shook me to my core… the cool reading device of which I wondered about as a child is no longer science fiction but retail fact!

This is the device of which I speak:
(image borrowed from

It is the Kindle

What is it, you ask? Well my friends it is quite simply next in the line of Star Trek inspired devices (or at least to me it look Star Trek inspired). It’s a wireless reading device. If you’ve ever seen Star Trek, you’ll know that the characters use these interesting tablets instead of books, newspapers, or magazines when reading and everything they wish to read about can be wirelessly moved onto the device using verbal commands to the ship’s computer. Well, this thing can do that… minus the cool verbal commands. *sighs* BUT at least there’s no service contract and it uses state of the art EvDO wireless technology to “beam” the info over the air and into your nifty book thing. Now for those of you who don’t know about wireless tech like I do (I spent a year selling cell phones… worst fucking year of my life!) EvDO basically is the wireless equivalent to cable internet service: really fast… and really expensive. Good news though, doesn’t require you to sign a contract! Oooooooh! How do they get away with doing that? Well, according to the product description, they cover the cost to keep you happily reading loads of books and stuff, so you don’t end up like my old friend Jean-Luc, with a desk covered in digital wireless reading devices.

(image borrowed from: The Star Trek Gallery)

Tut, tut! Jean-Luc really needs to learn to clean up! LOL Okay… yup! I’m a nerd. I admit it. *sighs*

Oh and there’s no “hot spots” needed. So if you don’t feel like reading your digital paper at Starbucks and paying way too much money for not only Wi-Fi but for that coffee you want with your digital WSJ, then you can read at home b/c EvDO works anywhere. Wi-Fi? Nope, only in hot spots which tend to be public spaces (hotel lobbies, malls, Starbucks). Oh and Wi-Fi tends to be very insecure… and I don’t mean it has the image problems of a teenage supermodel. I mean it’s harder to hack and you can therefore safely transmit whatever personal info requires for you to download that copy of The Golden Compass or Playboy that you’ve been dying to read.

Just like the iPod, you have to get your media from a specific source, this being, and of course you have to pay for each item. Hey! It beats traveling with several dozen books, mags, and newspapers and it keeps the house a little less cluttered. Books start at $9.99 and you get free previews (hmmm sounds like iTunes!) so it’s comparable to buying a book at a bookstore. Heck, new releases are $9.99 according to the promo and most new books are hardcover and those cost $25+, so that’s a nice savings.

This seems like an all around cool device. I’m sad that it doesn’t make phone calls, nor can it play movies or music… So it’s no iPhone; and at $400, I’d rather get the iPhone as it does more stuff.

So yes… I’m ecstatic that someone came out with yet another Star Trek device… and it just happens to be the one that always intrigued me. I’m still waiting on the transporter. Anything to avoid all the airport headaches… ungh. I’ll let George Carlin explain.

ETA: DAMMIT YES!!!!!!!!!!!! A friend of mine showed me the Top 10 Things I Hate About Star Trek list several years ago. I bookmarked it, but sadly, that computer died and i never backed up the bookmarks. I’ve been searching for it ever since. But today, while reading posts on a Star Trek group based on an online knitting community (oh i sound like such a giant loser now), I found it again!!!!!! YAY! *happy dances*

here’s a taste of it

Top 10 Things I Hate About Star Trek

10. Noisy doors.
You can’t walk three feet in a starship without some door whooshing or screeching at you. My office building has automatic sliding doors. They’re dead silent. If those doors went “wheet!” every time a person walked through them, about once a month some guy in accounting would snap and go on a shooting rampage. Sorry Scotty, the IEEE has revoked your membership until you learn to master WD-40

9. The Federation.
This organization creeps me out. A planet-wide government that runs everything, and that has abolished money. A veritable planetary DMV. Oh sure, it looks like a cool place when you’re rocketing around in a Federation Starship, but I wonder how the guy driving a Federation dump truck feels about it?

And everyone has to wear those spandex uniforms. Here’s an important fact: Most people, you don’t want to see them in spandex. You’d pay good money to not have to see them. If money hadn’t been abolished, that is. So you’re screwed.


In other news.

Thanksgiving wasn’t too eventful. Like every year, I cried b/c my siblings made me feel like shit… but oh well! C’est la vie! I did get to go to the movies as per family tradition. We saw Enchanted (like I had complained about in an earlier post)… and something odd happened

I actually LIKED it!

It was awesome. Here’s how I described it in a recent email to my friend Ann

despite it seeming really stupid and hokey and cheeky…. Enchanted was really good and really funny.. oh! and the guy who plays Wormtail in the HP movies is in it! and he’s just as icky. lol

the humor is great… it totally mocks all of the Disney princess movies and you can pick them out one by one. Even the Little Mermaid is given a nod, it’s hard to spot, but it’s there.

and Susan Surandon’s in it and wow… she’s got a great body for a woman her age! (her costume is skin tight!!!) and she was amazing as the wicked queen.

James Marsden is great (and good to look at) as the dumber than a brick prince and WOW can he sing!

and Patrick Dempsey? mmmmmmmmmmmmmm *drool* um i mean, his acting is superb *nods* ๐Ÿ˜€

and Amy Adams is great as Giselle. totally cute in a pinch her cheeks (the face ones) adorable (whereas Dempsey and Marsden are pinch ass cheeks hot ๐Ÿ˜‰ )… she can really sing too.

there’s loads of adult humor… not much of a kid’s movie, yeah, it’s a fairy tale but it is a great romantic comedy parody. oh and it’s really politically correct at times, you’ll catch it.

and another great thing… the animated parts are hand drawn… no computer animated crap. only the chipmunk is computer animated and done very well indeed!

and OMG the musical number in Central Park!!!! TOO FUNNY!!!!!!!! and i’m sitting there thinking “i’ve been to Central Park… that’s really CP and the New Yorkers probably saw the filming, shrugged and went on their way”)

such a great film, totally worth the $9+ per ticket.

Also, the Belly Dance performance of 2 weeks ago went well. I only messed up a few things, nailed the one thing I was sure to mess up (always nice) and now I’m gearing up for my solo which is only 2 weeks away and I’ve picked 2 songs, can only use one… need to choose one though. UNGH! I’m so screwed!

So that’s what’s on my mind tonight… now off to bed!



  1. Woot! Great Picard pic! I used to dream up ways to insert myself into the Star Trek world. ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. That wireless reading device is cool! Have you seen Star Trek Tech on the History Channel? It discussed the real life technology inspired by fictional Star Trek technology and the likelyhood of some of the more far fetched gadgets and happenings. Even went so far as to discuss whether or not an entity such as the Borg is likely. It was very fascinating!

    Yeah, I’m a dork, lol. I wanted to be a Vulcan when I was a child, so what can you say? haha.

  3. Finally got around to catching up – yes, the reading thing looks AWESOME. And seriously, you coulda asked me, I woulda told you the aforementioned James Marsden was both hot and a good singer. Check out the Buffy ep “Once More with Feeling.” Mmm…

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