Posted by: PunkiePixie | November 8, 2007

A Frightfully Good Time…

Halloween, it’s got to be my favorite holiday. It’s an excuse to dress up, play a character, and eat more candy than is allowed at any other time during the year. I love dressing in costume and for me it’s not just dressing up, it’s all about creating a persona. If you don’t act the part, then you’re just an other kid out trick-or-treating; you have to embody the character, that’s what makes it “grown-up.” I’d say “adult” but that in reference to a costume just makes me think about Playboy which we know no one reads for the articles. I digress.

When I dress in costume, I plan not just what I’m going to wear, but who I’m going to be and as fun as pre-packaged costumes from Target or the local Halloween emporium are, it’s so much more fun to look in my closet and think “What’s in there that will make a good costume?” A suit paired with sunglasses can be a CIA agent, my old chef’s jacket from that culinary class I took in college if paired with black pants can be a chef (duh), a low cut sweater with the pencil skirt jammed in the back of the closet can be a sexy librarian if i wear my hair up and my glasses. The list goes on.

This year, I took full advantage of my collection of Harry Potter merchandise (the only reason why I’ll enter a Hot Topic) and all the stuff leftover from the costume I wore to the midnight release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I even found a blue wig I bought 2 years ago and never wore. So what was I, you ask? I was a punk Gryffindor student. To complete the look, I added my Doc Marten boots I bought in London back in 1999 and a metallic silver Badtz Maru (Sanrio) messenger bag that’s also leftover from high school (I even found an old high school paper in it, creepy!). The look was convincing, but it wasn’t complete.

I wore the getup to the October edition of the CT Belly Dance Connection. It was Halloween themed, the audience was encouraged to come in costume (this event has a following) and there was a costume contest. I arrived at the event in costume, but also in character. I had the “punk swagger” because, seriously, it’s the only way I can walk in my Docs. I had the Johnny Rotten sneer, the Sid Vicious glare (the one he had before he ODed)… I was channeling Nancy Spungen… and I kept it up when the costumed attendees were told to come onto the dance floor for the contest. As I did my catwalk, I maintained the swagger, threw the devil horns, sneered, as I turned, I lifted the hood on my jacket, threw the horns again and before I took my spot, I stuck out my tongue. Oh yeah… punk baby!

The costumes were judged… and no one figured out the Harry Potter reference in my costume, but they recognized the punk as they called the “Blue Haired Punk” to come and claim her prize for “Most Bizarre Costume”.

Very awesome. It’s rare that I win Halloween costume contests, but this one was my most creative yet. Take a look yourself and tell me what you think:
(you don’t need a facebook account to view the photos)

And before I sign off, one announcement.

I decided to turn the comments off on the patterns that are featured in the archives, especially the ones listed on Knitting/Crochet Pattern Central. I’ve gotten sick of having to delete hateful and spam comments. Seriously. I’ve had someone ask me why “goats wear hats” and that same person said “that the thing on the goat’s head looked like a toilet seat cover.” The picture he was referring to was the one of my mom!!! SO NOT COOL. It makes me glad I moderate my comments, and those described were labeled as spam.

It is also because of these people that only users who are logged in and registered to or another open source account can post comments.

I regret having to do it, but some people have no tact and I really don’t need that on my blog. Please, if you have nothing nice to say, just don’t post it in my blog!

Thank you and goodnight!


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