Posted by: PunkiePixie | August 13, 2007

It’s all over…

So it’s finally come to an end. On July 21st, 2007 at about 12:15am, I got my copy of the deluxe edition of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, or HP7 as it’s come to be known amongst the online HP fan community.

I finished my copy a little over a week after getting it as vacation plans got in the way of my plans to sit and read non-stop. I did however start reading my copy of HP7 around 12:30am and I read until my body was screaming at me for rest, which was at about 3am. I wanted to read more, I couldn’t put it down… but I’d been up since 7:30am and the hour long nap I had taken when I got home from work and errands running just did not suffice.

The next day, I was curled up on the couch in my PJs reading and I had my mom pick up a copy of the regular edition at the supermarket for me to take on our vacation to Florida; I did not want to risk ruining or losing my deluxe edition copy. As I read I became enchanted by the words, drawn in by the story… but I couldn’t help but feel a bit disgusted. There was a knot in my stomach. As much as I craved to know what happened next, a part of me didn’t want to know because this is the last book. Finishing this book meant that there would no longer be another book to wait up till midnight for, to count down for, to dress up in costume for, to speculate with my friends about, and *gasp* nothing to knit for!!! It was the end, and I didn’t want it to end. So my reading slowed down, savoring the words. I would stop for snacks and TV breaks, trying to lengthen the time it would take for me to read it, to postpone the inevitable… the end of the Harry Potter series. It’s why while on vacation, I only read 3 chapters a night. It was hard for me to put down, but again, exhaustion would overwhelm me and I’d have to go to sleep. But there were a few nights where I couldn’t bring myself to read the book… I didn’t want it to end.

Eventually, I finished the book and I have to say that I cried, laughed, and was shocked at the revelations about Snape and Dumbledore. And I was touched by the epilogue.

I won’t say more… I don’t want to be labeled as a spoiler (although every English speaker on the planet has probably already read it by now).

HP7 release party 07-21-07I did go to the release party in costume. I had originally planned to go as Hermione but as the date drew near, I decided to go as an American version of a Hogwarts student. I dressed like an American prep school student, I should know how one would dress as I went through 2 of the blue-blooded Connecticut secular private schools. So, I dug out my old Birkenstocks that I wore in prep school, donned my favorite pair of khaki Bermuda shorts, dug out a white button-down shirt and piled that over my Gryffindor t-shirt, had my dad tie my Gryffindor tie from for me and wore that loosely around my neck, and then added my bias knit cotton Gryffindor scarf that I had made especially for the occasion. My makeup consisted of black eyeliner, bronzer, and mascara… I was going for the prep school punk look, I think I succeeded.Me with my copy of HP7The first picture was taken inside the mall and just outside the Borders I had gotten my copy at. It was taken while I waited in line for my copy. The second was taken just outside the store on my way to the car with my cherished and newly purchased copy of HP7. Yes, that is an orange wristband I am wearing. It means that I was one of the first people allowed to purchase a copy of HP7 and it’s because I was given time off work to go to Borders before opening that day to collect my wristband. I had gotten there at about 8:50am and there was already a line about 30 people deep, at 9am we were let in and I got my wristband about 20 minutes later. Good thing I work for my dad, I got the time off by saying this “If you let me come in late, that means I’ll get my book at midnight and we can come home earlier” since I knew my mom would con her way into getting my dad to join us at the release party (she’s not an HP fan but she likes the sprit and atmosphere of the release parties… and she adores seeing me happy and gods am I happy and excited at a release party!)

Now it’s time for me to get my butt to bed! Good night!



  1. Looking good in the pics. My mom and I were a little disappointed the way she ended the book, and of course sad that there are no more books. We had fun though, made a Harry Potter day out of it and went and saw the movie before the release.

  2. AH! I love the pics and the madness behind the Harry Potter obsession! I just got my copy last week from a friend that ordered two books (she found out she was going to be in Argentina when the book was released and ordered another copy to be shipped to Argentina!) and I haven’t picked it up yet because I want to be able to really dedicate some time to it!! I am interested in knowing what happens b/c I did watch the Today show and tried to turn it when they had their “Spoiler Alert” but couldn’t help myself! The last book left me so hungry to read this one! I can’t wait! I agree with you – I have the same sadness…no more Harry…

  3. You look nice. The punk student look was well achieved. -=giggle=- I read through the book in about 2 days. I also had the similar knot in my stomach the entire time though. I just can’t believe it’s done. I am glad that I read it and that I fell so in love with the world but at it’s ending I was very teary eyed.

    Hopefully she’ll come up with someone else that will charm our hearts like Harry Potter did.

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