Posted by: PunkiePixie | May 30, 2007

Changed my look.

sexy new lookI’m like a different person now. 2 weeks ago, I bought a new pair of glasses. The glasses had to be placed on backorder (stupid place didn’t have my prescription in the teal transitions lenses i wanted! wah!) and I didn’t think much of it. a week later, i went to get my hair cut and recolored. i was planning on staying with my trademark red hair, but i decided that i need a change. so, i had my stylist dye my hair light ash brown with dark ash blonde highlights. i kept my hair’s style the same, i just had her clean it up.

so last night, i get a call that my new glasses are ready for pickup and i head out to pick them up. i try them on, have them adjusted. they’re cute. i like them. but i’m wearing contacts so i can’t wear them out of the store. i don’t think that much of it and i head home.
green glassesthis morning, i decided to wear my new specs. why not! they’re a newsexy new glasses and hair prescription (yay! no more headaches!) and my contacts have been such a pain in the ass to deal with. i fix my hair, slab on my teeny bit of makeup, get dressed and throw on the new glasses. still not realizing any changes.

it took me catching the reflection of a little bit of my new frames in my car’s review mirror as i’m backing down my driveway to realize that… wow! i’m like a completely different person now! add in the middle eastern style eye makeup i’m using (brown powder Kohl eyeliner applied to the bottom rims of my eyes) it’s all smoky and sultry and sexy…. and the blue make it alt and indie, which is so me anyway. heck when i tried on the frames for the first time at the glasses place i go to, the sales staff all said “wow! those are so you!” and meant it and they had never met me before. i guess going by my quirky interaction with my mom, they could guess that i’m a bit left of left.

the new hair with the new, blue, glasses and awesome new makeup changed my personal style so dramatically. i’m not sure how to deal. catching my reflection in the windows and mirrors here at work can be odd, and taking pictures of the new me was even stranger. i keep thinking who is that killer hot chick?… oh it’s me! yeah… weird thing to think. i also have this urge to go and buy new clothes too. i don’t need anymore clothes! so i’ll just knit them instead. hehe.

Update: i went out and bought new clothes last night! hit up a few sales and got some cute Bermuda shorts and pedal pushers and some t-shirts too. this summer i’ll be wearing shorts. now that’s a change in look b/c for the last 5 summers i’ve been wearing skirts exclusively in the summers b/c the shorts just got too short for my tastes (i like to keep my ass in my pants and i hate my thighs, i want to keep both covered). i’m digging the longer length shorts and they’re so my style. they look excellent with my Chuck Taylor low tops.

new glassesit’s so fitting b/c recently, i had a quarter-life crisis and decided to change my life for the good by going back to school and trying to follow a dream that was placed on hold. so having a new image (glasses, hair, makeup) really makes sense.

oh and my eye doctor is totally sexy! every time i see him, well something deep inside goes “squee!” but he’s so cool. he laughs and jokes around and is very sarcastic. i love it! eye exams aren’t that comfortable, but this guy makes it kinda fun!

oh and i needed new glasses b/c my vision got, get this, better!!!!! yeah. even the doctor was shocked. so i have new glasses in a weaker prescription and the headaches i used to get while wearing my glasses are now gone! yay!

and in honor of my new look, i decided to update my blog’s presentation and theme. how do you like it so far?



  1. Love the new look Liz! Congrats on feeling good and following your dream!!

  2. I hope this goes through…to your comments? Hmm?

    Ahh, I know that feeling – I’m constantly changing my appearance, too. It’s fun stuff, haha.

    You are hawt stuffs! =D I love your glasses – I used to have thick framed emo glasses and good God were they horrible. And now I find that I can’t really pull off glasses anyway…except for my newest pair, which are thin black frames, and kinda…oval lenses? But I’m one of those people that really can’t wear them, and I stick to contacts anyhow.

    I love your makeup. And haircut.

    I get so mad with my hair because I keep trying to cut my bangs, but make them a little thinner (bring them closer to my forehead) every time, but then I screw up and wind up just cutting them all again. I just can’t be without bangs.

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