Posted by: PunkiePixie | May 24, 2007

Mystic Shopping on the CT shoreline.

A month ago, I went to the coastal village of Mystic, CT on a whim because it’s only 45 minutes away, pretty, and I had absolutely nothing else to do so I figured if I was going to be bored, why not be bored somewhere else.

While roaming around the town center, I saw a shawl in a store window that I just had to have. But being the knitter I am, I looked at it and said “I could make that. It looks like it’s made with dishcloth cotton on size 8 needles and the buttonhole should be easy.” mystic shawl I snapped a bunch of pictures with my cell phone camera that I could have for reference. I also went into the store to see and feel the shawl, and to find how much it cost. It was $80… what? Um… I’ll make it myself. Granted the tag said it was hand knit, I’d rather let one of the disgustingly rich tourists visiting the area buy it at that price. And for no reason at all, I can’t remember the name of the store or the name of the company that manufactured the shawl.

mystic shawl 2But I do have the pictures of the original shawl! And I have a pattern written up, but it’s at home and I’m posting from work today. But it’s a basic stockinette stitch and the gauge is 4 stitches/1 inch. Because it’s very boring, I don’t work on it very often, but I’ll do a few rows here and there… I should have it done by fall. lol

Also on that same trip to Mystic, I stopped by a little LYS called Mystic River Yarns. It’s really out of the way. It’s right in the historic town center, walking distance from the famous drawbridge, but you need to know where it is to find it because you can’t even see it from the street! The place is small and like all the LYSes I’ve been to, it smells of cedar chips and the staff is so friendly and wonderful. I walked in 10 minutes before closing and they helped me find what I needed and let me grope the yarn as well. I picked up a Brittany crochet hook in size J. I haven’t used it yet, I just pet it and look at it because I’ve been wanting one for a while now and it’s my prized possession.
I also got 3 balls of Dale of Norway Falk yarn in this amazing scarlet red… it’s so red it’s blinding! My mom called it “European” because it reminds her of the hand knit sweaters the women in her small Sicilian town used to make in their knitting circles. I also got two balls of Rowan Tapestry in Potpourri. I just pet and squeeze and grope these yarns. I haven’t figured out a project worthy of either yarn, so they’ve been designated as stash yarns.

I should take my own pictures of those yarns and post some more yarn porn. Maybe this weekend. *sighs* I always say “Maybe this weekend” but do I ever do it? Well, with the long weekend and my scheduled trip to Hershey, PA for the long weekend, we’ll see what happens.

Till next time!


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