Posted by: PunkiePixie | May 18, 2007

HPKC: Chapter 1

Chapter 1 of the Harry Potter Knitting Chronicle. The journey to my scarf has officially begun!

After swatching several different ideas, I settled on one that will actually work out and that I’m happy with. I tried the lattice lace like I had suggested in my last post but after swatching it, I realized that lattice and PoA stripes don’t play nice. I frogged it. After ripping out the swatch, I realized I didn’t snap a picture for the blog. Oh well, it’s no big loss, it was ugly… no one should see such ugly lace, it would ruin’s lace’s reputation.

Next swatch was my failed attempt at making a mitered garter stitch border. Yeeeeeahhhhh… that sucked too. It looked like a lump of yarn.

Next up… I grab my clapotis pattern that’s been sitting on the coffee table for the better part of a month since I finished my second clapotis. I take out my size 9 needles and start knitting… it was looking nice, but the fabric was too dense (and I’m using DK yarn). Again, I frogged it and dug out the size 11s. OMG… no it was hideous! Frogged again! By the gods! It’s turning into that scene in Magnolia (remember that movie? gods it sucked!). I digress. So out come my 10.5s… it’s knitting nirvana! It works! It works! It’s knit on the bias… like clapotis, but unlike clapotis it will not have those drop stitches. The crochet hook is in the pic so you can see the direction of the knitting.

HP micro-clapotisIt’s looking very very cool, and it’s a lot thinner than mini-clapotis, so i think i’m going to call it a micro-clapotis… but that’s not right since it’s not a true clapotis. (how many times can i use the word clapotis? hmmm…). As of right now I think the best name for it is HP PoA Scarf, Redux. That works. If anyone can figure out a cooler name, leave it in the comments and I’ll consider it.

I’ve finished one more repeat of the stripes, and it’s looking really good… and it’s curling evilly. Looks like this thing is going to need a good blocking when done. The yarn stinks anyway… a good wash will be good for it. But besides the curl, the stripes look awesome knit on the bias, and it’ll really stand out at the book release party (my goal)… and since the red it blinding scarlet red instead of true mellow crimson, it’ll really stand out.

Oh, and this is proving to be a very quick knit. And don’t worry… once it’s done I’ll post the pattern.

I’ll take more pics when it gets a bit longer. Till then… where are my pumpkin pastilles? I’m hungry….



  1. Tag! You’re it chickie! 7 things please…

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