Posted by: PunkiePixie | May 11, 2007

The Harry Potter Knitting Chronicle Begins

Welcome to the Harry Potter (HP) Knitting Chronicle. I have decided that since I am taking on yet another HP knitting project, this time for the release of book 7, I would use the blog to show my progress on my new PoA scarf design and costume preparation.

I’m a HUGE Harry Potter fan. You could call me a “Fangirl”. So needless to say, I’m going as Hermione to the HP7 book release this July. I have the curly hair, the knitting skills, a gray skirt, a white shirt, and some Birkenstock sandals (it’s a private school thing)… i just needed the tie and a new scarf.

wizardties1.jpg Thanks to I was able to get my very own Gryffindor tie, which, by the way, freaked my dad out when i left it on the kitchen counter the day i got it. he thought one of his sisters sent him a tie, he hates ties! he won’t wear them! but it’s mine! all mine!!!! hehe… i’m way too excited over a stupid tie. I got it fairly quickly. I ordered it on a Thursday and I got it the next Monday! I was shocked with the promptness… very very cool. oh and the ties are totally affordable and handmade. very worth it. check em out!Wizard tie in wrapping
i love how it came wrapped in brown paper tied with twine like i had purchased it on Diagon Alley. and the personal note and business cards were a nice touch too… it made me feel special. probably why they did it. but the online shopping doesn’t stop there.

Harry Potter Scarf yarn… GryffindorDuring some internet SEX† I also got some yarn from WEBS… i ordered Reynolds Saucy Sport in Crimson and Antique Gold. I’m a bit disappointed in the Crimson b/c it’s more of a Scarlett… if you look at the pic you’ll see what i mean. yeah, i’m none to keen on that. i know the difference between scarlet and crimson too. my alma mater’s colors are scarlet and white and their hockey rival’s colors were crimson and gold. yeah, i should know. crimson is a bit more brown/purple than bright red. but i’ll use it anyway. what do i want? it was $3 a ball! it just sucks so bad when a color doesn’t turn out the way you had hoped, especially when ordering online. at least the gold is right on and exactly the color i wanted.

here’s my plan for the yarn: i’m thinking of making a PoA scarf but with a twist… make it using a basic lattice lace pattern on size 10 needles. i’ll swatch it to see how it looks first. but on a trial attempt with some scrap dk cotton/linen yarn i had laying around, the lattice looks good in the larger size. this might work out well!

so! i invite you all to join me in my journey as the Harry Potter Knitting Chronicle begins.

till next time!


† SEX stands for Stash Enrichment eXpedition… gotta love knitspeak!



  1. I read it, I read it!

    You’re going to make the cutest little Hermione since…I don’t know when!

  2. I adore Herminone! I just absolutely adore her. From her sassy little know-it-all attitude in the first book/movie, through the lovely young woman she’s become in the later books, crusading for elf rights. I *love* her. She’s possibly my favorite character (although chosing a favorite is like chosing a favorite child).

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