Posted by: PunkiePixie | April 5, 2007

I awake from hibernation…

(Edited to turn the “pattern” listed into an actual pattern of sorts)

Gods it been a while since my last post. I’ve been busy busy busy. I’ve decided that since I really haven’t been able to design much of anything… I’ll just post about things I’ve done with other people’s patterns and my own life.

First off, last month I made the Anthropologie-Inspired Capelet as seen on It was my first attempt at a wearable garment that was like a sweater. I’ve done gloves, shawls, hats, scarves, but never something like a capelet. It took me 2.5 days to complete. YUP! That quick! It’s an easy pattern and I ended up modifying it to make my first ever sweater!

(yarn used, 2 balls of JoAnn Sensations Bellezza Collection Cosetta in Teal… it’s discontinued 😦 )



closeup on stitches and YO detail

edited for clarity still having issues? email me at lizann82 at gmail dot com or if you’re on Ravelry look me up… i’m PunkiePixie. i’ll do what i can to clarify.

to make the sweater version, use the original pattern and add the following to it.

**NOTE: this is made to fit a 38DD/E bust… take your measurements and modify the original pattern accordingly. this is only a loose adaptation of the original pattern. this is listed on only to meet the demand i’ve been seeing for this modification pattern to be “published.”

guage: 4 sts=1 inch, 4 rows=1 inch on size 11 needles.
needles: US size 11 circulars (the longer the cord, the better)
yarn: Araucania Pomaire (100% hand-dyed cotton) color #10.

CO 20 sts more than required by the orignal pattern. this will give you 5 extra inches. Add more/less sts to equal the desired bust measurement. remember 4 sts = 1 inch.

work orignal patt as written (i worked it placing the increases on the knit rows b/c i have no clue how to yarn over on the purl side)

divide for raglan increases:

1st section (front panel): knit an additional 8 sts YO k 1, YO (2 inches added).
1st sleeve: knit the next section per patt.
Back: k 4 more sts than the original patt YO k1 YO. (1 inch added)
2nd sleeve: k per patt.
Last Section (front panel): same as 1st section

work per orig patt until increases are complete and sleeves have been separated from the body. (pay attention to the fact that you now have extra sts).

next row: add 4 short rows to the back to add width to the shoulders (see the Advanced Techniques section for help). leave this out if you have narrower shoulders or a smaller bust.

from this point on, work per original patt.

for a cardigan length sweater like the one shown below, keep knitting until the length from armpit to where you want to start the ribbing is 14 inches to have it fall at mid-hip or desired length (to figure this out, measure from armpit to desired end point. remember that 4 rows = 1 inch).

add desired amount of ribbing, BO loosely

work per original patt for sleeves

modification: for longer sleeves knit until they are 16 inches. this will give you a longer short sleeve that falls to the elbow. measure your arm from collar bone to desired point on arm to find desired legth.

add desired amount of ribbing, BO loosely

follow original patt for finishing instructions.

my first sweater! see how it’s based on the anthropologie-inspired capelet

closeup on stitches

After I made my first capelet, I met up with one of my online knitting friends from Get Stitchy! (a fiber arts message board/online community… it’s where you can usually find me) at WEBS in Northampton, MA. WEBS is insane. I had a panic attack b/c I wanted to take home everything! I’ve never seen that much yarn in one place… and I’m talking about the showroom! The warehouse was just lovely! But I managed to limit myself to 6 skeins of yarn. I got 4 skeins of Araucania Pomaire in color #10 for my sweater and 2 skeins of Malabrigo Chunky in Emerald Blue… oooooh how pretty!

this could qualify as “yarn porn”

oh and here’s me and my friend Melissa at WEBS

so not a good picture of me! but i live in that green calorimetry and my clapotis (both seen in pic)

A few days later I drove to Florida for a spring break vacation… met up with some more knitters while there. But that’s a whole ‘nother post!

Till next time….


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