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Pretty Petaled Zill Covers

I’m a belly dancer. Surprised? Don’t be. I’ve been a dancer for most of my life and even though I studied classical western dance styles (ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical) as a kid, tribal dance forms have always intrigued me. Just over 6 months ago, I found a teacher and started studying belly dance. I fell in love as soon as the first class and am intrigued by all things Turkish and Egyptian. I’m not a true belly dancer per se. I’m currently studying the art, have yet to start performing, but it’s nice to dream, right?

I recently bought my first pair of zills. What are zills? They’re finger cymbals and the tiny things are loud, really loud. As soon as I finished my lesson on using them, I had a splitting headache and thought about covering them with something so I could practice and not have my roommates throw me out or give myself a headache. After scouring the internet to see if I could purchase a set of covers, I realized that I could make them myself with supplies I already had in my stash. So, I started to look for patterns, I only found one i liked and I made one pair using that pattern. Not liking how plain it was, I came up with my own. I laughed at the idea, but they really do help keep the noise down so I can practice with my zills and not give myself a headache or have my roommates on the verge of killing me (they can barely stand the Turkish music as it is!).

I ended up showing them to a friend who loved the idea and ended up paying me to make a set for her as she had the same roommate reaction to her zills.

I jotted down the pattern to share as I know belly dancers can be quite crafty women and I know quite a few who crochet.

(images are thumbnails, click for larger view in a new window)

inside of the zills/view of petaled detail

back of covers/top of zills

the pattern

#10 crochet thread (any color, I used an iridescent white for the pictured one, purple for a friend)
#7 steel thread crochet hook
small “ouchless” elastics (4)… the really tiny kind made for kids.

and your zills, of course!

ch 12, sl st into 1st st to form ring.

rnd 1: ch 1 *sc, hdc, dc, 3tr, dc, hdc, sc into ring. first petal formed. rep from * 5 times more for a total of 6 petals made. sl st into sc of first petal to join.

rnd 2: sl st in the next 5 sts. ch 1, sc in same st as sl st. ch 8 *sc in 2nd tr of next petal, ch 8. rep from * to last st. ch 8 sl st in 1st sc of rnd to join.

rnd 3: ch 1 sc in same st *ch 4, sc into ch 8 loop. ch 4 sc into sameloop. ch 4 sc in next sc. rep from * sl st into 1st sc to join.

rnd 4: ch 1, sc in same st as sl st. * ch 4 sc in next ch 4 loop. rep from * to last loop. ch 4 sc into last ch 4 loop, sc into loop ch1, sl st into 1st sc to join.

rnds 5 & 6: rep rnd 4

rnd 7: (you’ll need one of the elastics now). *ch 1, sc around elastic, ch1, sc into next ch 4 loop. rep from * until last st. ch 1 sc into elastic one last time, ch1 sl st into 1st st of rnd to join.

FO and weave in ends.

repeat pattern 3 more times to make a complete set.

use them to cover your zills so you won’t give yourself a headache when you practice!



  1. Those are awesome! I think it’s great that you take things and redesign it to make it all your own. That’s a terrific way to do things. =)

  2. That’s a pretty fun idea, actually.

  3. Very inventive!
    You get to learn belly dancing and make some cash on the side! 🙂


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