Posted by: PunkiePixie | February 12, 2007

Writer’s Block? Well, Get Stitchy! instead!

I’ve been so busy working up other people’s patterns that I really haven’t had the inspiration to design something myself. I haven’t desired something that I can’t find the perfect pattern for and this is kind of sad. I love the creative process, but to not have that “ah ha!” moment for a few months is sad, oh so sad.

I did buy some zills (finger cymbals) from my dance teacher the other night and i need to make covers for them so i can practice with them and not get a headache (the little things are LOUD)… i’ve been working up some from a pattern so i can get an idea of how their made. now i’m trying to design my own and the results leave something to be desired. but then i’m designing with crochet thread, i’ve never done that before. i know it’s the same as yarn crochet, but the scale is what makes it harder. it’s so small! but if i get a result i like, i’ll post it!

But until the day I write that post, if your curious at what i’ve been up to and want to see my WIPs and FOs look for me over at get a fiber arts forum for all. it’s extremely new and i know the entire admin staff and they’re great people, very passionate about knitting/crocheting/dying/spinning. the members are great too; just as passionate as the admin and very knowledgeable and friendly… i consider some to be friends! please go check it out and join up!

until my next post… see you on the Get Stitchy boards!


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