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PoA House Colors Scarf

I know what you’re thinking… The internet is filled with Harry Potter scarf patterns… why post another one??!!. Well, because it’s my blog and I can do what I want to! 😛 lol

I’m a Harry Potter fan. I love the books and the movies, both equally. The books helped me through a rough time in my life and I’m grateful to them for that. I’ve been to the book releases and I proudly wear my HP scarves and t-shirts to the opening nights of the movies. I even have a track jacket that’s modeled after the robes Harry wore in the 4th installment of the movie series (I don’t wear it often)

After seeing the 3rd movie, Prisoner of Azkaban (PoA), I fell in love with the new style of scarf that the students were wearing. It was so much nicer than the previous color block scarf, and I just had to have one for me. I searched the internet and could not find one! I had seen the movie 3 times (once with my best friend, once with my mom, and once in IMAX in Boston), and each time I saw it I kept thinking I want that scarf! How could I copy that! So, each time I saw the movie, I studied the scarf as best I could so I could go home and make something similar. Because I was taking summer classes to finish my bachelor of science degree on time, I didn’t get the time to knit the scarf while I was still in New England. It had to wait.

Later that same summer, I moved to Florida to join the Walt Disney World College Program and on my first night there, I went on an adventure with my new roommates to the local Wal-Mart (we had no clue where it was!!!). While strolling Wal-Mart, we happened upon the craft section. I mentioned that I wanted to make a Ravenclaw scarf, despite me being a Gryffindor, based on the PoA scarfs. Another roommate was also a knitter, so she helped me choose the right colors and needle size for the project.

I spent every free second of the next 2 months on the couch working on the scarf. Why 2 months to make a scarf? I worked at Walt Disney World, I was living in Central Florida; my days off were few and far between, I’d get home from work exhausted and starving, and on those rare day offs, i’d been either exploring Orlando or taking full advantage of the free theme park admission that was granted to me as a cast member. I would knit while waiting on laundry, watching tv, waiting for food to cook, or before bed to unwind. I’m pretty speedy with the sticks, but I wanted it to be super long (like down to my knees long) and that takes a while.

So now you’re probably thinking shut up already and post the pattern!!! okay okay… here goes.

needles: size 10.5 long needles
yarn: 2 skeins Bernat Super Value (335 yards/worsted weight)
Main color (MC):
1 skein in Navy
Contrast Color (CC):
1 skein in Silver

using CC
sl1k, k across row to last st. sl1k turn
p across row to end, turn. change color to MC

using MC
sl1k, k across row to last st. sl1k turn
p across row to end.

repeat CC… two silver stripes made

CO 45 sts using MC
row 1: *p across row to end. turn
row 2: sl1k first st, k across row to last st, sl1k last st. turn
rows 3, 5, 7, 9: rep row 1
rows 4, 6, 8, 10: rep row 2

stripes (follow pattern above)

rep rows 1 & 2.

keep repeating pattern until scarf is desired length. BO
my scarf is about 4′ 5″ long.

block it if you want to make it lie flat. i left mine curling makes it bulkier that way.

you can finish it off with a tassel fringe… 2 years after finishing, i have yet to do so. (I keep putting it off)

it’s a very flexible pattern, you can add or take away stitches from the CO to make it the width you want, and you decide the length, b/c scarf length is a matter of preference!

and here’s the finished product!



  1. Hey, I really liked this scarf. I am a big Harry Potter fan as well. As knitting was pretty much the only productive thing my mother taught me, I had to make one for myself and its great. Thanks and I look forward to more of your patterns.

    Have a great day,


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