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The Space-Saver Beret (crochet)

My mom commissioned me to make a hat for her that she can keep in her purse. By commission, I mean she bought me the yarn.

I dragged her to the craft store yarn department and told her to pick something she liked. After about 5 minutes of indecision, I grabbed some Lion Brand Wool-Ease Worsted Weight in black and handed it to her saying “This is soft, this is nice, this is machine washable, and this is easy to work with.” She wanted a black hat and she wanted it thin. It’s impossible to find a fingerling weight yarn in black at the craft store, so worsted had to do.

When I got it home, I wound the skein into a center pull ball, pulled out my H-hook and started working. I designed the piece from beginning to end using my trusty, yet not written down until now, beret pattern. I liked how it came out so much that I decided to finally write down my pattern and share it with the world.

Here she is modeling her new hat!

The pattern is quite easy and takes only a few hours to make. B/c i was designing it as i went, it took me about 5 hours. the pattern can be adjusted to the head size of the wearer. my mom has big poofy hair that she didn’t want messed up, so i made this a bit big to accommodate that need.

H-hook (for body)
E-hook (for band)
1 skein Lion Brand Wool-Ease Worsted Weight yarn in black (or any color you like)
2 ft of scrap yarn in a color that’s not black (for a flower decoration) i used some scrap Patons Classic marino wool in “peacock”

Special Stitches:
The Magic Adjustable Ring click here for a tutorial

Dcfp/Dcbp: Double crochet around front/back post. click here for a video tutorial

Decrease: click here for tutorial

For an abbreviation glossary click here

begin by making the magic adjustable ring (see above link for tutorial).

rnd 1: ch 3. counts as first dc *dc in magic ring. repeat from * 10 more times. sl st in 3rd ch of ch 3 to join. pull tail of ring to eliminate hole (12 sts)

rnd 2: ch 3. dc in same st as sl st from prev rnd. *2 dc in next st. rep from * sl st to join (24 sts)

rnd 3: ch 3. dc in same st as sl st. dc in next st. *2 dc in next st. dc in next. rep from *

rnd 4: ch 3. dc in same st as sl st. dc in next 2 *2 dc next st. dc in next 2 sts. rep from *

rnd 5: ch 3. dc in same st as sl st. dc in next 3 *2 dc in next st. dc in next 3 sts. rep from*

rnd 6: ch 3 dc in same st as sl st. dc in next 4 *2 dc in next st. dc in next 4 sts. rep from *

rnd 7: ch 3. dc in same st as sl st. dc in next 5 *2 dc in next st. dc in next 5 sts. rep from *

rnd 8: ch 3. dc in same st as sl st. dc in next 6 *2 dc in next st. dc in next 6 sts. rep from *

rnds 9-12: ch 3 dc in next st. cont dc around.

rnd 13: ch 3. *dc in next 6. dec in next two sts. rep from *

now switch to the smaller hook

rnd 14: using the smaller hook, ch 3 dc in each st around. sl st to join

rnd 15: ch 3 *dcfp around the posts of the first 2 sts. dcbp around posts of next 2 sts. rep from *

rnds 16-20: rep round 15.

fasten off. weave in all ends.

there will be a lot of extra yarn left over… you can use that to make a pom pom if you don’t want the flower decoration


make a magic adjustable ring (see above link for tutorial).
using the E-hook,
ch 1 *hdc, 2 dc, hdc in ring. rep from star 4 more times. sl st to ch1 to join. fasten of
pull tail to close loop. weave in all ends.

sew flower on right side of cap just above the ear.

please try this pattern and let me know how you like it!




  1. really nice!, i’m going to make one for my daughter but it has to be pink!

  2. i’d like to get something like that for christmas 😀

  3. I am recouperating from back surgery, so I have been trying out some new patterns. I must say that this is the cutest hat. I also wanted to commend you on all the helps in this pattern. This is incredible. Thanks for being there and sharing your pattern.
    Thanks Patty

  4. Very nice site! Good work.

  5. Hi…love your stuff! I tried making this pattern for my sis-in-law who had chemotherapy and needs hats. I don’t know what I did wrong, my hat was coming out like a giant beret!
    I am going to try this again since it is such a cute hat.
    Thanks for making your patterns available to us.


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