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Sloppy Formal Shrug (knit)

Why is it both sloppy and formal? Well because the gauge of the stitches are so large that the shrug looks really sloppy. why is it formal? The yarn I used and the way the fabric drapes, makes it something to wear over a black sleeveless dress to keep warm but still remain very stunning and beautiful.

Here’s the back story

Recently I bought some size 50 needles (aka Speed Stix) and some bulky weight yarn and made a really cute short sleeved shrug to wear to my dance classes as a warmth layer (the studio makes a sub-zero walk in freezer seem warm!). I loved it and wanted another one with longer sleeves.

So off I went to the craft store and picked up some Red Heart Light & Lofty in “tahoe multi” (it’s a blue and taupe variegated). I know I know. Red Heart yarn is supposed to be evil and the Darth Vader of yarn, you know, you once thought it was good then it turned bad once you found better things… whatever, it was super cheap ($2 for 106 yards). I wanted inexpensive yarn b/c I thought this project was going to be something I’d wear around the house… I was wrong.

The shrug came out so beautifully, I’m planning on wearing it out of the house. It looks formal and could be worn with a nice black dress, but can be dressed down and worn with jeans.

okay! now for the pattern!

this is my first ever knitting pattern, so bear with me! it’s very easy (standard stockinette stitch) and takes almost no time to make.

size 50 needles (aka: speed stix)
2 skeins super bulky weight yarn, (212 yrds total) i used Red Heart Light & Lofty
(super bulky bouclé yarn works the best. can also be done with Lion Brand Wool-Ease Chunky or Thick & Quick for a plainer look)
darning/tapestry needle
2 feet of black ribbon cut into two 1 foot pieces, for tie closure.


CO 36 st(s).
row 1: sl1k. k next 34 st(s). sl1k
row 2: p across row

rep rows 1 and 2 until piece measures your arm span (which is usually your height). mine was about 55 inches… i’m short.



fold in half lengthwise with purl side facing out. measure 7 inches from fold and mark with a safety pin. with darning/tapestry needled and a length of scrap yarn, sew up seam from open end to marker. repeat for the other side.

now put on the shrug (it’s massive i know!) and then take one ribbon piece and fold it in half. loop through a stitch that’s just under the bust and pull loose ends of ribbon through loop in ribbon to secure. repeat with second piece of ribbon. this creates a closure. you can also use a pin or giant safety pin as a closure


you can wear it many ways. you can scrunch it up to create a cowl style collar, or leave it hanging off your shoulders for a cape like effect. the arms are a bit short though. i didn’t get it long sleeved like i had hoped… so that means i get to buy more yarn and try again!


and here are some pics! all taken with my camera phone, which has 1 megapixel, so please excuse the craptacular resolution

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after finishing.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
also after finishing… been posed to look like it’s being worn so you can see the seaming.

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the world’s worst in the mirror shot. the shrug is pretty… this pic sucks. and oh! look! my cell phone! lol



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