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Eddie Izzard is “Stripping” his way across the US

Eddie Izzard has got to be my favorite stand-up comedian. I can watch his old material and laugh every time. His catch phrases are very quotable and I’m constantly using them. Nonsense things like “I’m covered in bees!!!!” and “Cake or Death?” and “Bless me father for I have sinned; I have been poking badgers with spoons” … I could go on, and on, and on, and on… but those are the only ones I can think of at the moment that anyone would recognize.

For those who are uninitiated to the utter gloriousness of Eddie Izzard, let me quickly explain who he is. Eddie is a brilliant, two-time Emmy award winning, British, action/executive transvestite, stand-up comic and actor. He’s hyper (omg he’s ADHD hyper!), and babbles on about anything and everything and isn’t afraid to touch upon controversial topics. if you want to know more, go to his website

the show was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG he was hyper and was ad-libbing like crazy! i am going to say this before i begin


this post is a spoiler for anyone who has tix to see any of his upcoming US tour dates… you have been warned! it also includes some clandestine photos and videos… they were taken to share with other fans and not for any monetary purposes. i do not make ANY money from this blog. if Eddie’s people want me to take them down, i’ll comply ASAP. please do not take these pics or videos off this site w/o my explicit permission.

thank you for listening! on to my review!

first off: he was in “bloke mode” for this show. in last night’s performance he wore a pair of jeans, a black crew neck shirt, and a black, red satin lined tuxedo lined jacket with tails. oh and a bit of eyeliner and he was sporting his “Wayne Malloy/Doug Rich” facial hair (goatee with sideburns). it was disappointing to see him in “bloke mode” but he looked DAMN sexy dressed as a bloke!

here’s why he didn’t do the dress: according to the souvenir program (i’m paraphrasing here) in the US he came here and became famous while wearing a dress. in the UK he started his career in “bloke mode.” over on the other side of the pond, he is known for gender bending only on occasion; here in the US, we’ve become so accustomed to seeing him in a dress that we’ve typecast him as the “transvestite stand-up comedian” and he wants to shed this label. I don’t blame him… being shoved in a box and told to stay there sucks. he wants to go into dramatic acting while still pursuing comedy, it’s for this reason that he needs to trade in the dresses for jeans and t-shirts and heels for sneakers; he needs to let Hollywood know that his transvestite-ism (is that a term?) is just only a part of who is his. So far, it’s working out well from what he has to say in the souvenir program. He’s had fans of his new show The Riches tell him that they were happily surprised to find out that he also does stand-up comedy. He states that he likes that reaction and it’s what he wants. He still appreciates his comedy fans and how they, like myself, are willing to follow his career as it transitions from stand-up comedy to drama. (I’ll say here right now that I am a fan of “The Riches.” I am disappointed with the direction of the second season and it takes a lot of strength for me to watch each episode b/c there’s less comedy in the show than last season, but it’s still beautifully written and Eddie’s acting is superb. it’s just hard to make the transition from knowing him in comedy to seeing him being dramatic… and using a pretty decent American accent).

seeing him in person was beyond amazing! i wanted to bow to him… i am that much of a fan. it’s been years since i’ve seen stand-up and i’ve never been that close to the stage (my last stand-up show was Jim Brurer with Tracy Morgan and Jim Gaffigan… it was funny, but i’m not a fan of any of them blah). i’ve only ever seen Eddie on TV in his stand-up specials that occasionally run on BBC America and on the aforementioned FX drama “The Riches.” To see him in person just blew my mind. i was so filled with anticipation to see him (the show started 20 minutes late) that when he finally took the stage and i saw him i squeed and swooned… it was overwhelming! i’ve met celebrities in my time (LeVar Burton, Eric Idle, and Gary Sinese to name a few) but this was just beyond that. i never got to shake Eddie’s hand like i did with LeVar, Eric, and Gary… but to see this man on stage, a man i quote, i adore, i practically worship was just too much! i’d probably have the same reaction if i ever saw Lewis Black live in concert. i digress…

okay… now that that’s cleared up… what was the show like? what was it about? okay, this is taken from a post i, well, posted on an Eddie Izzard fan group over on

the whole show is about why he no longer believes in God/Gods and he proves his point by going over the history of Earth and human civilization and the bit about the dinosaurs was great! i loved when he tried to speak in Latin… it turned into pig latin, then German then back to Latin… omg it was nuts!!!!

my parents who are devout Catholics got pissed off and called him a heathen once we got back home from Boston, but they did admit it was worth the $200+ we spent on the tix and that he was gloriously funny.

i can’t go into more detail than that b/c it’s all such a blur! that and the damn people sitting in front of me kept getting up for beer and pee runs… UNGH!!!!! i did complain loudly at one point, i think they heard and at that point they stopped. they also were taking loads of pictures. *shakes head* whatever, you can’t fix the world and as Eddie said last night, you can only “be civil to people even if you hate them…” or something like that.

OH! and the Orpheum Theater? i’ve never been there, just walked by it 5 bazillion times in my life and while i was in college… it’s a beautiful old theater that is in dire need of a renovation! how the hell they get off charging what they do for tix is beyond me! omg it stank of beer and vomit from the years and years of rock shows that are played there.

and my seats? they turned out to be decent. i was actually off center! stupid ƒµ¢k¡ng seating chart made me believe they were stage left center… grrrr more like stage left near the wings!

oh well! the show was great and totally worth the 2 hour drive to Boston and the tickets!

and now for the clandestine stuff. (again… Eddie’s people, if you want me to remove it, i have no problem doing that, just let me know… please don’t get wordpress involved, just leave a comment and i’ll be happy to oblige)

Eddie Izzard at the Orpheum Theater in Boston

got the videos online well one of them. the other one’s on my cell phone and the memory card isn’t cooperating.

it’s on facebook and you don’t need an account (or shouldn’t need an account) to view it

this bit is his ramblings about Darwin.


and i’m off to eat dinner!

oh and on my knitting needles at the moment…

yet another striped sock. this one i’ve knit completely from memory using the Yarn Harlot’s basic sock recipe from her book Knitting Rules!.

i got my new yarn in the mail and i’ll be starting Rusted Root as soon as i finish that sock.

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A Touch of Spring…

Today was beautiful! A touch of mid-May in mid-April. I spent most of today outside either knitting or driving my car w/ the top down (that counts as outside!).

I started my day in jeans and a kelly green 3/4 length sleeved raglan over a pink tank top. I sat outside with my mom on the back porch knitting away the hours enjoying the sunshine that we’ve so rarely seen and the balmy temperature that has delayed it’s presence.

As I sat in the sun, I got decidedly hot in my t-shirt but sucked it up as the breezes off the nearby pond would help cool me off just as I would start to overheat. Then, when my dad came home from work for the day around 3pm, the decision was made to drive the hour down to Mystic just to enjoy my convertible and the weather. Tomato Sweater

I got up and dusted off and then turned to my mom and said “Hey! I can finally wear my Tomato!” She looked at me funny and said “Okay honey, whatever you want” and went off to go close the open windows and straighten things up before we left. I reminded her that “Tomato” meant the short-sleeved pullover sweater I had completed a month earlier and was basically my first successful pullover sweater project. All my other pullovers had come out either much too large or much too small… sometimes tears were involved as the gauge error was caught just after finishing and the frogging would be left to my mother as i could not bear to do it myself. Tomato SweaterShe remembered the sweater and said “Oh! That one! Oh that one looks great on you and would probably look even better now that you’ve lost some weight. Yes, wear that!” So off I ran to pull out that sweater from the drawer it was residing in and pull it on. It still fit, a bit bigger due to a 10 pound weight loss and some shaping up from my newly adapted workout schedule (I spent 9 hours a week at the gym, plus 2 hours in yoga class) and looked a lot better now that most of my belly pudge is gone.

After the photo shoot, and wow, I can tell I’ve learned quite a bit from watching a bit too many America’s Next Top Model reruns… I was posing like one of the worst contestants! LOL. I digress… After the photo shoot in the backyard, we hopped into the car and I put the top down and we rolled off to Mystic for dinner at the world famous Mystic Pizza (yes, it exists) followed by a stroll down Main Street and some Guinness stout ice cream at Mystic Drawbridge Ice Cream. Classic Elite Bam Boo mmmmm Guinness ice cream *drool* omg it’s been a YEAR a YEAR since I’ve had a pint of Guinness… I can’t drink anymore because of all the meds I’m on for varying medical conditions and I’ve tried drinking… omg it’s a no go, I get the worst headache and hangover ever and I never ever get hangovers! This ice cream was good, it was made w/ real Guinness (I felt a tad bit buzzed) and it was nice and bitter like Guinness but with that smooth texture and finish that I love about Guinness.

Also while in Mystic, I decided to stop by Mystic River Yarns as I needed a few things and my nearest LYS Sit n Knit moved from West Hartford to Bloomfield making it even more annoying to get to (and a better excuse to drive to WEBS b/c WEBS is only an extra 20 minute drive from Bloomfield). While there I picked up the cable needles I needed (by Bryspun b/c I love flexible plastic needles) and of course… some yarn. I’m hoping to make another Quant but in a nice summery fiber. I made Quant using Rowan’s Tapestry and the soy/wool blend is great for warmer winter days but would itch too much on any day over 50ºF. I adore this headband and now that my hair is really long, I adore headbands of any sort but it’s so hard to find any patterns I like.

I had originally wanted to make my Quant out of a cotton/elastic yarn like Cascade Fixation but after looking at Mystic River Yarn’s selection of plant fiber yarns, I decided to open up my choices. I found the organic cotton and the bamboo yarns. Oh, I fell in love with both. I couldn’t decide what to buy, so I did what any other knitter in my same predicament would have done… I bought both in quantities large enough for the pattern (2 skeins of each… 6 skeins total). I’ve always wanted to work with bamboo yarn and with organic cotton so what a better excuse to buy yarn, like I need an excuse to buy yarn… but this makes it less guilt-ridden.

I arrived at the LYS just before closing and was the only one there. I left just after, but like any other LYS I’ve been to, the customers are told to take their time before paying. I felt bad for being there after hours and picked my favorite yarns and went to pay. The woman was so gracious and lovely she did have a bit of an attitude when I admitted to never using Berrocco and insisted on her helping me figure out the yarn selection. She was also a bit grating. I told her that cotton/elastic was my ideal but I was open to other things. When I asked about DK weight she said “not in cotton/elastic!” I had to remind her about my flexibility… At Sit n Knit they’re very similar… are knitters that inflexible when it comes to their fiber selections? I know I can be when I have something in mind for a sweater and I’ve taken ages of time researching Ravelry for the perfect substitute, but for something as small as Quant, I’m flexible. But despite all that, it’s always a joy shopping at Mystic River yarns.

After the yarn purchase, I made my way up to Mystic Pizza for dinner. It’s not my favorite place for pizza, but it’s pretty damn good for Greek-style pizza and worth the 45 minute drive. Lately, I haven’t been eating all that much so dinner of 3 slices of pizza and quite a bit of Greek salad filled me up to near bursting, but I found just enough room for ice cream. The walk to the ice cream shop helped out a bit as well, and the walk back made me just right to make the drive home. It’s so nice to get out of my element for a few hours… even if it’s done late in the day. Mystic is so far outside my normal range, yet so close by, that a trip there really helps me to unwind and step back from everything. Off-season Mystic isn’t crowded, the people roaming the streets are locals and CT natives there for a peaceful day on the shoreline. The stores are mostly local, the charm is quite authentic New England coastal and the smell of the salt water and sea weed that comes in off the Mystic River and Long Island Sound is refreshing. Living in a land locked town near a pond, my daily smells are that of fresh cut grass, algae, and rotting vegetation; the smells of a seaside town just revitalize as they’re not my usual. Today was peaceful and calm, sunny and warm, and unexpected. Tomorrow is set to be rainy, cooler, and just downright nasty. Days like today aren’t common in April as it rains and is cool, so I enjoy the good weather when I get to because this is New England, good weather is fleeting.

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I have become a victim

Wow, it’s been a full 2 months since my last post. I’ve been a busy busy girl.

Here’s a quick update. I’ve been knitting (duh). I finished my first successful pullover sweater that includes my first successful attempt at stranded colorwork… it’s nearly April and the damn weather has to go and make it damn near impossible for me to wear it. wah!!! it’s so pretty too! i’ll get pictures up on my Ravelry page soon. i finished 2 pairs of socks (pictures are on Ravelry), a hat, worked on a UFO for a bit (Branching Out scarf), and hmmm a few other things i can’t remember at the moment b/c it’s nearly 3am.

I joined a gym and have literally been busting my butt. I think in the past month i’ve dropped 10 lbs, I can’t be sure b/c i have a hard time reading the scale b/c somehow i stupidly bought one with numbers so small i can’t read it even w/ my contacts in! I gave up belly dance b/c it was either the gym membership or the dance classes… i couldn’t afford both and i kinda like going to the gym better. that and my teacher was pressing me to perform… ummm no thanks.

i’m having issues with my bras… ungh. i can’t find one that fits! they’re all too tight! ungh! i just… UNGH!

and the true reason why i haven’t been posting… my job. i went to bed early, i woke up early, and if i had free time where i could blog.. well i was using a computer than ran windows 98 (yup.. 98!) so it was hard to do much online and Ravelry is so much more fun (i’m addicted to the forums on there!) and i talk to a few friends who are also bored a their jobs. i had more responsibilities and things to do, so i couldn’t write out a whole blog entry either… just had time for short blurps on boards and IM.

but now it looks like i’ll have more time to blog. (here’s where the victim part of the title comes in).

I’ve now become a victim of the craptacular US economy that’s supposedly not in a recession but i’m convinced it is.

the company i work for isn’t doing too well, so it was decided that my job can be rolled into the duties of the bookkeeper. it’s only fair, half the stuff she does is reliant on what i do. so i agreed with it because even i feel that my role is unnecessary.

so how do i feel?

i feel relieved seriously! i do not lie. i felt stuck, i felt like i was in a dead end job. i wanted out but i worked with my dad and if i quit w/o having another job lined up, i would have never heard the end of it as i also live with my mom and dad. this gives me a chance to find a job doing something that fits me better, it even gives me the chance to try out another job market, maybe even move to Florida finally. i’m thinking of going to travel agent school b/c the travel industry is what i’d like to be a part of, it’s why i got my degree in hospitality administration. my mom found a classified ad for a local travel agency that’s willing to pay to train me and get my licensing so i can become a travel agent. it has decent benefits. i’m going to update then submit my resume on Monday.

speaking of travel… this also gives me the chance to travel to visit friends. my friend in DC has been after me to visit here there since she moved there for college 8 years ago. another friend, whom i met 5 years ago, would be thrilled if i went out to MN to meet her IRL for the first time. i’m thinking about visiting both. maybe going to CA to visit family in San Francisco and tour the city a bit. i would to to Rome to visit my family there, but um… i don’t like them that much and w/ the exchange rate, i’d lose so much money that it’s not worth it. i’m tempted to go to London too… but the damn exchange rate! i couldn’t afford a trip to London just based on that! so i’m stuck with domestic travel and i’ve been itching to travel alone to visit old friends and meet others for the first time face to face.

so yeah… that’s it. that’s what’s been keeping me from blogging, that’s my life up until now.

now i’m falling asleep at the keys… so off to bed with me.

nite all and till my next post… whenever that will be.

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A loaf of meat…

(taken from an email conversation with a friend. i had sent her a meatloaf recipe i had gotten from another friend and she liked it. so i shared my own. as i was typing it, i thought it would make great blog fodder… enjoy!)

i love meatloaf!

i make a mean one myself.

1lb beef
1/4 cup Worcestershire sauce
1/4 cup Balsamic vinegar
1/4 cup ketchup + extra for topping
1 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp onion powder
1/2 onion, minced
2 tbsp parsley flakes
salt and pepper to taste
2 eggs
1 cup breadcrumbs (use more or less to taste), Progresso Italian style is what we use, but plain should work just fine

preheat oven to 350º
mix everything with a potato masher till smooth. dump mixture into a greased loaf pan and cover top of loaf with ketchup for a glaze. bake for 30 minutes or until meat is well done.

let rest for 5-10 minutes… serve.


i only use the potato masher b/c of all that liquid and b/c the meat is usually quite cold and my fingers hate the cold. plus the masher really gets everything worked to a nice paste which makes a denser, easier to serve, meatloaf. and yes, that’s a lot of liquid, but most of it boils off in the oven and it makes a very juicy meatloaf (i hate dry meatloaf… ick!)

ever since i started making it this way, i’ve been deemed the official meatloaf cook in the house. oh! and take out the breadcrumbs and eggs and you’ll have the best burgers ever!

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Inhaler Sock to the Rescue!

i’m an asthmatic. i was diagnosed when i was 5 years old, so for the past 20 years i’ve had to carry an albuterol rescue inhaler with me everywhere i go.

if you’re an asthmatic, you know how annoying this is and you also know that it’s even more annoying that when you need the stupid thing, 9 times out of 10, you find the cap that’s supposed to be on the mouthpiece not there but somewhere else in your bag. this leaves you in a situation, take your meds and inhale whatever crap got stuck on the inside of the inhaler or die from the attack.

it’s sooooooooo gross!!!!!!!! and i’ve dealt with this for years and let’s face it, i’m horrible when it comes to taking care of my inhaler. my asthma is so well maintained that i almost never use my inhaler, but it’s always with me just in case. this leads to me never washing the inhaler/mouthpiece, ending up with an expired inhaler at the worst time (like when on vacation and i forgot to pack my insurance card >.<, i did this while on my last trip to Florida), or ending up letting the prescription expire. i take the stupid thing for granted b/c i’ve been dependent on it for so long.

the scenario of finding a dirty, disgusting, inhaler with the cap on the other side of my bag has happened so many times that after i learned how to make socks, i was looking at my brand spanking new inhaler and thinking *hmmmm this looks like a tiny foot! it would be easy to make a sock for this out of scrap yarn!*

that and CVS sells neoprene inhaler cozies that cost $8, are ugly, and have this awkward belt clip… kinda dorky! not to mention, it’s really bulky.

so, yesterday, i was bored at home and had a giant bag of scarp yarn staring at me and no WIPs on hand. i found my favorite (and smallest) balls o’ scrap and knit something up really quick and it fit and worked perfectly!!!

granted, an inhaler sock is dorky… it’s still cooler than that neoprene thing that CVS sells



about 1/16 of a ball of worsted weight wool yarn. i used some Patons Classic Wool Marino in Wedgewood and Knit Picks Swish Superwash in Squirrel Heather.
(i used two colors b/c i ran out of the Patons and the KP was the only other scrap i had that complimented the Patons)

needle size doesn’t really matter… i used US size 6 dpns, but whatever works for your yarn selection is fine too.

***Gauge does not matter… hell this pattern was invented while i was knitting a circular gauge swatch for it!***

just CO 30 sts on 3 dpns, work 1/2 inch of 1×1 rib then St st for another 2.5 inches.

heel flap:
place 15 sts on one needle and work the following for 10 rows
row 1: sl 1 *k to end of row
row 2: sl 1 *p to end of row

turn heel:
row1: k 7, ssk, k1 turn
row 2: p 5, p2tog, p1 turn
keep working until gap, dec, k/p 1, turn until all sts are worked (10 sts remain)

needle 1: k one more row then pick up 5 sts along edge (15 sts)
needle 2: k 15 sts
needle 3: pick up and knit 5 sts along edge and k first 5 of needle 1

gussett decreases
rnd 1:
needle 1: k to last 3 sts, k2tog k1
needle 2: k
needle 3: k1, ssk, k to end

rnd 2: k all sts on all needles

repeat this until 30 sts remain

k for one more round

“toe” (it’s not really a toe)
needle 1: k to last 3 sts, k2tog k1
needle 2: k, ssk, k to last 3 sts, k2tog, k1
needle 2: k, ssk, k to end

rnd 2: k all sts on all needles

move sts to two needles, kitchener stitch closed.

voila! inhaler sock!

it’s supposed to be a loose fit around the mouthpiece so the sock can come off easily when having an asthma attack.

yup… i’m a dork b/c i did this… but hey! necessity is the mother of invention and dammit i had a need for this!

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Back from Florida… again!

I just got back from Florida yet again. This time, my family decided to go back to Disney World for the New Years celebrations and to check out all the holiday decorations and to get some downtime beachside.

Back when I was a cast member via the Walt Disney World College Program, my parents came to visit me for Christmas and New Years so I wouldn’t have to celebrate those holidays alone. While there, they fell in love with how Disney does the holidays: the lights, the sounds, the traditions, the fireworks, the everything! So, ever since then, my dad’s been wanting to go back and he managed to wrangle some time off work for me and him (ahhh the joys of working for family!) and we booked the trip.

Yes, I went with the parents… but how can I turn down a free, all-expenses paid vacation? Especially when I’m the one that got them an awesome discount on their Disney Vacation Club membership! So yeah… would you blame me? Besides, if I didn’t take vacations with them, I would never travel because I can’t really afford it.

Anywho… here’s the pictures as posted in an album over on Picasa.

The Last Days of '07 on the beach & The First Days of '08 Disney style

Till next time!

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The Golden Compass should point to the exit…

I just saw The Golden Compass and wow… I can’t figure out how to describe it.


It was bad, horrendous, abhorrent. Those are all compliments, Absolutely, Stupendously, Abhorrent! that’s it!!!!!!!!

The Golden Compass was absolutely, stupendously abhorrent.

Yeah, I hated absolutely loathed it. Wish I could get my $10 back! I can’t believe that I wanted to see this movie, was excited to see it! But then, it was pissing people off and causing controversy and such; I was curious, what was this film that was causing such a stir?

Bill O’Reilly (yes, that’s the wikipedia article, I will not give him the honor of a direct link to his site *shudder*) disliked this movie because the book it’s based on is anti-establishment and anti-religion, the Catholic Church disliked it for the same reason. They should have disliked it because it’s a waste of film. Any traces of the book’s disestablishmentarianism is removed and instead is just 113 minutes of CGI and things that go “boom”. There’s no plot, no story line… just lots of “boom!”. How can I go “oooooo ahhhh” when the “boom!” has no point or is inessential to the story? The Lord of the Rings film trilogy (LotR) had lots of CGI and things that go “boom!”, but that had a story and a good one! It also made me cheer and laugh and cry… LotR was an experience… The Golden Compass was a nap waiting to happen.

Speaking of naps, my dad fell asleep in his seat, he was snoring too! My mom wanted to fall asleep, and so did I… we only stayed awake just hoping it would get better. Sadly, it didn’t. If i got up to go use the restrooms, I would have come back to find that I didn’t miss much. One hundred and thirteen minutes of my life wasted; I can’t get them back. It makes me cry inside. As my mom so elegantly put it, “If I were to find that on HBO, I would have changed the channel after about 20 minutes.” I replied, “If this were on commercial network like, USA or FX, I would give up on it at the first commercial break!”

I was so bored that I was looking at all the wonderful hand knit and crocheted items and started wondering how I could make them myself. Lyra (the young protagonist) was wearing this cute chunky knit bonnet that I really liked. She wore it in practically every scene which gave me ample time to figure out it’s construction. It’s a simple stockinette stitch swatch knit on what seems to be US size 15 needles (maybe larger?) using super bulky yarn. The swatch is then folded in half the long way and one of the short ends is seamed. Braids are attached to the opposite corners and are used to secure the bonnet to the wearer’s head. TADA! A really cute chunky knit bonnet. Yup! I was that bored that I figured that out… it was a simply constructed thing, but I had nothing else to do and I liked it and it was there for my observation. You know a movie’s bad if the only thing that’s keeping you entertained is figuring out the construction of a hand knit item. Oy, you know you’re knitting obsessed if you can do this without having to do too much thinking. If I had watched this at home, I would have dug through my stash for some extra bulky yarn and would have started knitting myself that bonnet.

Moving on…

The only positive thing I have to say about this film is that the casting is good. Ian McKellan voices a CGI polar bear, Nicole Kidman is an evil blonde woman who looks like she could use more sun (although she is as stunningly beautiful as ever), and Daniel Craig is a researcher whom we know not too much about, but he’s of some importance. All of them needed more screen time, but it seemed like they were the only ones carrying this film. A friend of mine reviewed Eragon simply as “a bad school play with a few stellar actors giving mediocre performances” (or something like that) and I would have to say this about the performances of McKellan, Kidman, and Craig.

The child actors weren’t that good. The girl who plays Lyra (I won’t name her, children don’t deserve such harsh criticism as most child actors are forced into acting) is bearable at best. She’s no Dakota Fanning or Abigail Breslin, let’s say that. Oh, and I spent half the movie thinking Who the hell is this Roger kid? Why the hell do I think I’ve I seen him before? Was he in one of the Harry Potter movies? (Roger is the best friend of the young female lead, Lyra)… So I did some checking on the IMDB… turns out he was in Sweeny Todd, he plays Toby the kid that works for Sweeney Todd and Mrs. Lovett. I saw Sweeney Todd last night and loved adored it (my review of it can be found here). No wonder he was the only kid in the whole movie who could act; and going by his performance in Sweeney Todd, he can also sing rather well.

Speaking of Sweeney Todd, I kept turning to my mom and saying “Sweeney Todd was much, much better than this!” She hated severely disliked Sweeney Todd and she agreed with me. After the movie, while walking to the car she said, “The throat slitting in Sweeney Todd was more interesting because that kept you in suspense! You didn’t know who he’d kill next and that kept your interest and on the edge of your seat.” Yup! My mom said that, my sweet little mom who finds utter disgust in slasher movies… hell, she can barely watch a documentary on Ancient Egypt because she finds the mummies disgusting (yet, she liked The Mummy hmmm). At one point, I was hoping Sweeney would jump in and put this movie out of it’s misery… ahhhhh, that would have been glorious.

I digress…

In conclusion, I say this: movie tickets, movie rentals, online movie rental subscriptions, and downloads on iTunes all cost the same– $10 (well movie tix here in Connecticut are $10); the average paperback book costs $10. I’m reading the book and loving it, it’s a page turner in every sense of the word. So, instead of going to spend money on watching is abhorrent film, go to the nearest bookstore and buy the book. Give your money to the author and not the studio responsible for this waste of film and digital technology.

Let’s hope this wins the Razzy for the Worst Movie of 2007

OH!!! I got it!!!! It’s like The DaVinci Code, it pissed people off, caused a stir… but in the end, the movie was an awful disappointment and the money spent on the tickets was better served purchasing the book. (Which I did borrow off my mom and I do have to say that it is one of the best books I’ve ever read; although it was over-hyped and overrated.)

Here are some other reviews that agree with me:
Entertainment Weekly

Funny, I couldn’t find any good reviews… hmmmmmmm

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There’s a hole in the world…

like a great black pit/
and it’s filled with people who are filled with shit!/
And the vermin of the world inhabit it!

that is now stuck in my head. etched into my brain with the image of fake blood spewing everywhere and a brooding Johnny Depp in tight pants… mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm *drool… cough* um yes.

I just saw Dreamworks Pictures’ newest release: Sweeney Todd


Okay… this movie is classic Tim Burton: totally stylized, brooding, moody, and kind of freaky. The average moviegoer will watch this and leave thinking “what the fuck was that!” Always my favorite thing to hear when walking out of a movie i enjoyed and understood. But then again, I loves Burton and his films.

Sweeney Todd is basically a revenge story; Mr. Todd (ungh too weird, my favorite school headmaster was Mr. Todd!), was Benjamin Barker, a successful London barber. He married a beautiful girl and had a beautiful daughter, and he was beautiful and she was beautiful (as the song in the movie goes) and he was naïve. She was so beautiful that she caught the eye of a wealthy and greedy man who was also a judge. He had Barker arrested and banished for 15 years… I won’t say more, I don’t want to ruin the movie. Let’s say it’s like The Count of Monte Cristo just more gruesome and less swashbuckling.

Johnny Depp stars as the title character in this off-beat, bloody, slasher musical. I love Johnny Depp and when he teams up with Tim Burton, it’s magic… pure magic. As Mr. Todd, Depp has to sing. According to the small amount of articles I’ve read about the film and Depp’s fondness of not doing press tours (and the writer’s strike killing off the talk shows), this is Depp’s first musical role. I can assure you, he is the one singing… either that or the dubbing is damn good. lol. His voice is great, very lovely and he can carry not only a tune, but the whole movie. I do admit, he is very sexy. He’s sexy as a drunk, somewhat gay pirate, a creepily like Michael Jackson candy maker, a strange creation with scissors for hands, a cute little Victorian era guy made from clay, or a fanciful playwright who has a fondness for small children. Oh and he’s best in tight pants and he’s in tight pants in this film *drools*

Depp’s Mr Todd is brooding, dark, deep and psychotic. He starts killing all those who wronged him and complete strangers, you know, to destress. He has this look of a madman in his face and eyes that is so believable and captivating that if the Oscars and the Golden Globes shaft hims one more time…. *breathe* okay… no need to act like Sweeney. *cough* So, yeah. Okay where was I? Oh, yeah! Todd is murdering people for revenge. Yup. okay. Well, the goal is to get the Judge (Alan Rickman, shit he’s gotten old and I did NOT need to see him in tight pants with a codpiece) and his strange little lapdog like man played by Timothy Spall (is it more is he in every single movie this year, or just the ones i happened to see? he’s way too creepy). Sasha Baran Cohn turns up too, he’s even in the opening credits to my delight (loved Borat). His character is wonderfully funny and made me laugh the entire time, he plays the Italian stereotype well!

Helena Bonham Carter plays is “partner in crime” so to speak. She’s the owner of Mrs. Lovett’s Meat Pies, oh and her character’s name is Mrs. Lovett. She’s wonderfully um… how do i put this…. ummm deranged! That’s the word. She’s also the one that comes up with the idea of grinding up Todd’s victims and serving them in meat pies to the paying public. There’s a great song that’s involved about how the poor shall dine on the rich instead of the rich dining on the poor (reverse capitalism, love it!).

There are a few secondary characters… they confused me and they made the story too cute… nauseatingly cute. ungh, just seeing those parts of the story made me yearn for a bottle of Pepto.

I won’t go into details… that’s what real movie reviewers are for… like the one i found when I googled Sweeney Todd
Sweeney Todd cuts it close it’s from the LA Times… and she does a better job and goes over the back story of the characters and the actual musical.

The murders and the blood didn’t get me… the stylization and the day glow blood that basically looked like cherry Kool-Aid gushing about just made it “meh” to me… winced at the first few times, after that, it became old hat (so disturbing). What did get me was this

people were laughing!!!

like all out belly laughing… not nervous laughing. They were laughing like it was Will Farrel prancing about in too tight 70s styles clothes banging on a cowbell!

now that you laugh at… but someone getting their throat slit??? ummmmmm you need to stop watching the Saw series and come back to reality. granted the theater was filled with college kids just back home for Christmas break… and i remember my college years… there were quite a few people i’d like to get “Sweeney Todd” on *evil grin*

so go spend $10 for the ticket to see this; it’s totally worth it, especially if you like Tim Burton or Johnny Depp… or Stephen Sondheim’s (as he’s the one who wrote the play the film is based on and the music too)… besides, after spending time with the family, you probably wouldn’t mind seeing Johnny Depp slit a few throats might be stress relieving.

on that note: i’m heading to Florida on the 26th and won’t be back till January 4th. This is probably my last blog post of the year so happy whateveritisthatyoucelebrate and have a happy new year…

now to wish you a fond holiday season… Viva Variety style

(old school ’90s Comedy Central was SO much better!)

off to bed!

Posted by: PunkiePixie | December 17, 2007

It Came from the Interweb: Engrish

I don’t know what came over me today while bored at work, but I remembered the best pre-blog popularity blog

I first discovered it back in late 2001 as a sophomore in college courtesy of a friend who thought I’d like it. May the gods bless her for that decision.

So today, I wandered back over to the site to see what funny could be found b/c lords know with the whole holiday misery, I could use a good laugh. While there i happened upon the newly founded Chingrish section. While browsing that, I found the badly translated English from Chinese was funnier than reading the English as badly translated from Japanese… and I found these gems (linking to the site b/c strictly prohibits image swiping)

Read these and try NOT to laugh!

A new kind of hair salon (read the page title, and the commentary for the full effect of funny)

The Toilet Rules

Women Kingdom

and as some of you know, i despise $tarbuck$ so…. this makes me laugh appropriately Starbutts

oh and there’s loads more. Too bad the Chinese government has made the decision to “clean-up” their English before the 2008 Olympic games. It means there will be a lot less, or none at all, of these gems!

I hoped you enjoyed this edition of “It Came from the Interweb”

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Interchangeable Needles: A Review

(taken from a post i wrote on the knitting message board: Get Stitchy!

A lot of knitters have and love interchangeable needle sets. They’re great! It’s an inexpensive way to purchase all of your needles at once… but, the needles are circular once put together. Whatever. Knitting flat on circs is much easier (and lighter) on circs anyway, especially when the project is huge like Knitty’s Clapotis. And that aforementioned project is why I caved and bought a set of interchangeables.

The set I bought was the Knit Picks Options. They were great, they helped me fly through the project with ease, but I found a lot of things wrong with the set. After doing a bit more research, I asked my mom to get me the blue Denise Interchangeable set for Valentine’s Day; she pulled through. The Denise is now my favorite set, but I still dust off the KP set from time to time as those needles have their uses.

As it turns out, the Options and Denise sets are the two most popular interchangeable needle sets amongst the online knitting community and there is a debate over which needles are better. But what it all boils down to is this: do you prefer metal or non-metal needles. That’s it! I like both, they both serve their purposes so having both around can be a boon to have in a knitter’s WIP basket.

(start Get Stitchy! post)

here’s my review.


easy twist/lock cords make changing needles fast and easy,

needles are stamped with US size,

the case! it’s great, everything is there and labeled,

the connectors, they’re great for changing cord lengths mid project or for creating custom cord lengths or trying on the item for fit

the resin needles are flexible which is great for cable knitting.

includes a short cable that can create a 17″ circ, great for hats.

great for slippery yarns like alpaca or silk

really lightweight and warm. good for knitters with bad hands or wrists (like me)

super flexible cords are good for magic loop knitting so finishing hats is easier.

really smooth finish needles, great for sticky yarns like cotton.

pointy tips are good for lace knitting

smallest needles are a US 4

lightweight needles that warm up as you knit.


cords aren’t that flexible so magic loops is a bit hard to do. it can be done but it bothers my hands and induces swearing and thoughts of tossing the WIP across the room.

needle tips aren’t all that sharp, makes lace knitting a bit hard to do.

smallest needles are a US 5

sticky yarns like cotton do not play well with the resin… it gets painful and hard on the hands. but mercerized cotton plays well.

the damn screw join!!!!!!!!! :evil i hate having to fish out that little tightening key when i start a project or need to change needles. and i always feel like i’m going to lose it. and if you don’t tighten before you start knitting, the screw join, well, unscrews and it’s curse word inducing when the cord falls out of your stitches.

the shortest cord isn’t short enough for a hat. i guess you can use magic loop, but for me that gets really old, really fast.

it’s made from nickel plated brass, i have a nickel/copper sensitivity and my hands tingle when i use them. (there is now a wood version, i have a set of dpns made of the same wood, love them!)

the sizes aren’t stamped onto the needles making telling them apart a bit annoying.

the case is hard to use, it’s a set of zip pouch and there’s no labeling system which forces the owner to come up with his/her own. (or spend the $2 on the labels they sell)

there’s no connector, so making custom length cords is not possible.

slippery yarns like alpaca hate these needles, they slide too much causing a lot of dropped stitches and swearing.

largest needles are a US 13


i use both… and as you can see, i prefer the Denise, but i find uses for both. oh and both Denise and Knit Picks have great customer service!

i had an issue with my Options needles (the glue was weak in one of cords causing the cord to pop out of the screw join at the most frustrating times) i called customer service and they sent me a new set of cords with end caps and tightening keys

so that’s my bit about those!

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